Why Choose Tiltop?

Roofing Made Easy

Transparent Inspections and Accurate Estimates.

We use drones to carry out all of our inspections, which allows us to show you your roof’s exact condition without the risk of a roofer climbing on top and tampering with your roof to make a sale. You get a copy of all of those pictures taken during the inspection and we use these pictures to provide you with an accurate estimate for any roofing services needed. Making decision making Easy.

Protecting the Earth with Green Initiatives.

We provide you with digital estimates and invoices to eliminate any need for paper bills. Even our warranties are sent to you digitally which not only is environment friendly but also gives you the peace of mind that you won’t misplace it. A quick search in your email inbox can have all of these items at your fingertips. Making payments and communication Easy.

Supporting Local Charities.

With every transaction, whether it is as small as a roof repair or as big as a roof replacement, we donate a portion of that transaction to one of the charities we have partnered up with. Currently our partners are MADD, Canadian Cancer Society, Sick Kids, and Covenant House. Making giving back to our community Easy.

Background checks to protect home-owners

We perform thorough background checks to ensure that the technicians working on your home are fit and known to us. Due to the high turnover in labour, some companies hire last minute labour force to assign to your house. This leaves your house and your family at risk because these workers have not been fully screened. With Tiltop, you can rest assured that we have records of every single technician working on your home. We also screen their past work, timeliness, feedback from previous clients and referrals before we assign a technician to you. Only the best roofers who pass this screening process are assigned to your project. Making protecting your home and family Easy.

Professional. Licensed. Insured.

All of our roofing contractors or technicians assigned to you have extensive professional roofing experience. They all have the necessary licenses to be Working at Heights from the Ministry of Ontario as well as a liability insurance up to $2 Million Dollars. Making your project worry-free and Easy.

Quality assurance.

We review all of our contractors’ work post-repair or replacement. This ensures that the roofing service provided to you was the best possible. Making trusting our work Easy.

Double-backed warranties.

All of our contractors’ that work on your home will guarantee their work and provide a warranty. But what happens if this company goes out of business? In a traditional setting you would be left searching for new roofers and paying out of pocket for any repairs that you may need. This is not the case with us. With Tiltop, you not only have the work guaranteed and warranted by the contractors but you also have your warranties in place with us! This means that even if the original contractor assigned to you is no longer around, we will honour all of your warranties through another contractor or our in house technician. This allows us to make sure you are always protected. Making warranties Easy.

Fast. Reliable. Easy.

Our typical response time is within 24 hours for most inquiries and services are rendered as early as next day. We are always a call or email away for any of your questions or concerns. Incorporation of latest technologies and good business practices in place is the reason we proudly say that Tiltop is Roofing Made Easy.