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What are Eaves-Troughs and why do I need them?

Eaves-Troughs are also referred to as Gutters by most home-owners because of what they do. Eaves-Troughs provide a drainage system to divert and guide all the water during rainfall to the nearest down-pipe. Eaves-troughs are made of aluminium are installed right beneath the edges of your roof so they can collect all the water sliding off of your roof. If installed properly they should be at a slight angle to guide the water to the nearest down-pipe that is connected to your house’s central drainage system.

Why are my Eaves Troughs overflowing?

Unfortunately your eaves-troughs end up collecting a lot more than just water. This includes granules from shingles, leaves from nearby trees, twigs or even just dirt building up. Overtime this can cause a blockage and prevent your eaves-troughs from functioning effectively. A blockage in the eaves-troughs is what causes the water to overflow during rain.

Should I be concerned if my Eaves-Troughs are overflowing?

Yes. The overflowing water comes down and gets absorbed by the ground surrounding your home. During winter, this absorbed water turns into ice and when water freezes it expands which can cause your house’s foundation to crack. Even the excess water that doesn’t get absorbed by the ground stays on your pavement/interlocking and turns into ice which is a major safety hazard for your family and guests.

Why did my Eaves-Trough break? or Why is it hanging?

There could be many different reasons why your eaves-troughs are breaking or hanging. Some of the most common reasons are blocked eaves or storms. Eaves-Troughs that haven’t been cleaned out regularly can accumulate debris that turns into blockage. The stale water sitting in blocked Eaves are also a major concern according to Health & Safety Canada as it spreads west Nile virus. This stale water can also seep back into your attic from the edges of your roof causing your plywood and insulation to mold. During winter, this stale water turns into ice and starts to weigh a lot. When your eaves can no longer sustain the weight, they start to hang off or completely break off. Heavy winds and storms can also break your eaves or cause the nails to come off so they start to hang. When you see this, Call us to get your eaves-troughs back up and running smoothly.

The water is leaking from behind the Eaves-Trough?

If you see water running down the wall and have noticed a gap between your fascia and eaves-trough, you just need the Eaves fastened in tight again. This could be as easy as just new nails but if the Eaves are towards the end of their life then replacing your entire eaves-trough. Ignoring this will lead to the same problems as mentioned earlier.

What are seam-less Eaves-Troughs?

The newly innovative seam-less eaves-troughs eliminate the chances of your eaves leaking. Traditional eaves-troughs are installed by piecing together many different pieces with screws. These screws fall out or rust and then start letting water leak from these screw holes. You probably notice this happening quite often around edges of eaves-troughs where two pieces are cut, bent and screwed together. If you are tired of getting these edges caulked and re-sealed all the time, try getting a seam-less eaves-trough installed and enjoy the luxury of low-maintenance.

How to prevent leaves, twigs and feathers from blocking my Eaves-Troughs?

There are some very well designed leaf guards in the market that can be installed on your existing eaves-troughs if you are tired of getting your eaves-troughs cleaned all the time. This is ideal for any house as it saves you the cost of replacing your eaves-troughs. It is a must-have for houses that have a lot of trees near-by as fall can be brutal with all those leaves flying around. Ask one of our experts to take a look at your house and recommend a leaf guard system that’s right for you.

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