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Is this what your roof currently looks like?

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Why did this happen to my roof?

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Canadian weather can be quite harsh and your roof experiences the worst of it all. Most houses built prior to 2010 have regular 3-Tab shingles on their roof. These shingles can only withstand winds of up to 60 km/h (which isn’t a lot). Over time as your roof gets older, the sealant underneath them begins to dry up; Leaving your shingles very vulnerable to external elements. This means that the next time the winds are strong or we face a storm, the wind can get underneath your shingle, your shingle tab starts to flap, and *shwoop* goes your shingle (Gone with the wind as they say). Leaving you with a dark spot on your roof (which is the backside of the shingle below it)

Do I really have to get this repaired?

No matter how you look at it, the answer is Yes. What can vary is how much time you can put this off for. If you see a blck spot (exposing the backside of the shingle below) you will experience a very slow leak. It is still leaking but it will take some time before the leak will let enough water penetrate through the gaps in your plywood underneath the shingles. The water will then keep getting absorbed by the insulation in your roof. Only when the insulation is soaked and cannot absorb anymore water it will start to make its way on to your drywall ceiling inside the house and you will begin to start seeing water stains. This is usually when home-owners think they have started to leak but in reality the leak had begun months ago. Now you need a roof repair to replace the missing shingle AND new insulation if not the drywall inside too. Save yourself from this extra expense and get it repaired right when you notice a missing shingle.

In the second scenario as shown in the second picture above where you can see you plywood exposed; Take whatever we mentioned above and multiply the timeline by 5. You will leak fast and the extra expenses are on their way. Get this repaired Immediately!

What can Tiltop do for me?

We can send an expert roofer to precisely remove the old shingle ( that means the full 3-Tab not just the one tab that’s missing). Replace it with the same make shingle with the closest possible colour. Seal the surrounding shingles to prevent wind damages as well and a quick walk-through the rest of your roof to inspect any other damages. All this for an affordable price.

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