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Is this what your roof currently looks like?

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Got Questions? Here's some Answers.

Why did this happen to my roof?

Your asphalt shingles have a limited life. Constant exposure to sunlight, extreme winds, storms, snow, ice and all the other elements mother nature has in its arsenal; can cause your shingles to deteriorate over time. The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle manufactured prior to 2005 is about 10-15 years. The new asphalt singles manufactured using fibreglass and lamination process can last you up to 20-50 years depending on the shingle manufacturer.

Why are my shingles curling up?

All the elements as mentioned earlier can dry up the asphalt covering your shingles, causing the granules to erode, eventually cracking the asphalt. Once the top layer of asphalt cracks the water/snow/ice begins to penetrate and make its way to the shingle base. Once again as mentioned above the regular asphalt shingles manufactured prior to 2005 had a paper base. So when it rains and the water is getting to your shingles’ base, it absorbs the water. Once it stops raining and the sun is out, this soaked base of shingles starts to dry. Next rainfall, wet again and then dry again once the sun is out. This cycle of the base being wet and drying up make the base curled up and wavy. Leaving you with shingles that look like the pictures above.

It’s just the nature of paper. Take a piece of paper at home, pour water on it, then dry it and look at what you get. A curled up and wavy piece of paper.

Good News! The newly manufactured shingles use a fibreglass base. Even if the water makes it to the base on these shingles it wont curl up given the nature of fibreglass. These are the shingles that we use for all of our clients.

What is the process of replacing a roof?

Without making this extra long, here are the steps we go through to get you a New and Refreshed roof that covers you and your loved ones in your home!

  1. Remove all existing shingles, vents and flashings until we have a nice clean plywood deck to work on.

  2. Given that your plywood doesn’t need replacing, we install protective ice and water membranes and synthetic underlayments.

  3. This is when we finally install the new shingles of your choice from one of our industry leading manufacturers: CertainTeed, Owens Corning, IKO or BP

  4. New vents of your choice and new flashings.

  5. Finally and most importantly, give your property a nice clean up and remove debris from your eavestrough to prevent blockage.

  6. Give you access to our easy-to-use Portal that lets you view your Invoices, Past Services and your Warranty Documents for years to come.

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