You work hard for your money and to make sure that your hard-earned money is growing, you make investments. So Ask yourself, what is your biggest Investment? What is the biggest asset that you own? For most of us, it is our HOUSE. Our Home. A place that protects your family, a place that we look forward … Continue reading Save Your Money!

Missing Shingles? “No Big Deal”

Think again… A missing shingle doesn’t sound like the end of the world until that turns into a leak, that leak begins to rot your wood, that rotting process turns into moulding and moulding turns into…well…a giant hole in your pocket. A mouldy plywood on your roof can spread across your entire attic requiring for … Continue reading Missing Shingles? “No Big Deal”

All roofing companies offer the same ’10-year Warranty’ right?

Wrong! Entering the Canadian market as a registered business carrying out roofing services is fairly easy but it is also fairly easy to Exit. John the Roofer (Don’t hate me John whoever you are, this is just an example) does your roof and you Love it! John followed all the steps to make sure the installation … Continue reading All roofing companies offer the same ’10-year Warranty’ right?