All roofing companies offer the same ’10-year Warranty’ right?

Wrong! Entering the Canadian market as a registered business carrying out roofing services is fairly easy but it is also fairly easy to Exit.

John the Roofer (Don’t hate me John whoever you are, this is just an example) does your roof and you Love it! John followed all the steps to make sure the installation was done correctly and was completely certified to perform the job.

A few years go by and a couple bad storms later, your roof is leaking. NO PROBLEM RIGHT? you have a 10-year warranty! So you put a smile on your face and start to call John’s number……………..and there is no answer

You look up John’s website and there is no website anymore, matter of fact there is no business under John’s name anymore….

Not a smile on your face anymore is there.

What you’re feeling at this moment, the feeling of betrayal, is the same feeling a lot of homeowners go through every year. More than 80% of the companies will not be in business for that ’10-year warranty’ period. So getting that warranty is just as good as Nothing.

(This is the part where I tell you why Tiltop isn’t like them)

HOWEVER, Tiltop warranties aren’t dependent on the current status of the roofer that was sent to you. We have a large pool of vetted Roofers who work with us with great passion. With our 10-year Warranty, even if the originally assigned contractor is now no longer in business or with Tiltop, we will send another certified roofer to your house to take care of whatever it is on your roof that needs attention.

So you can rest assured that no matter what happens, we will ALWAYS have you covered. No last-minute let downs, no long waiting periods for claims. No hassle!

We go one step beyond it all and even make sure you always have access to a Digital copy of your warranty whenever you need it right at your fingertips. We aren’t all great at saving paper documents for years so instead of hoping that you lose the warranty papers, we make SURE you have them!

With Tiltop, you get Real Warranties, Real Service, Real Protection.